What does an American need to get across the Canadian border?

Does an American need a passport to go to Canada? Many people assume that they do not, and that merely bringing a driver’s license or some other I.D. is enough to get across the border. However, a passport is a must if you intend to fly from the U.S. to Canada.

If you do not have a passport with you at the airport, they will not allow you to fly to Canada! Make sure to avoid this hassle by having a passport with you as there are no other options for air travel.

If one is driving to Canada, then the standards are a little less strict. If one is driving, one does not always have to have a passport to go to Canada. Car travelers might bring only an enhanced driver’s license or a passport card.

Do children also need to have passports?

If one is driving with children, they do not have to have passports with them. Unless they are over the age of 15, a birth certificate it enough identification.

If one is flying, on the other hand, then all children must have passports. No one will be allowed to fly into Canada without a passport. People are turned away at airports if their young children and infants do not have passports with them.

Getting a new passport will cost more than a hundred dollars. It can also easily take a month and a half to go through the process of getting a passport to go to Canada.

For this reason, think ahead, or you may end up having to cancel your trip.

Is it a hassle to get across the border? How long does it take?

Once you reach the Canadian border, it tends to be a fast and easy process to cross it. However, border agents sometimes do randomly search border crossers even if they do not seem suspicious. Think ahead if you must be on time for something important.

Crossing the border may take longer than you expect.

Some parts of the border can take longer to cross than others. One can look up border wait times online to get a rough guess of what to expect. However, these wait times are very inexact. When driving to the border, it will usually take only twenty minutes to cross it even on weekends.

Sometimes, it is easier to get across the border if one uses an automated booth instead of talking to an actual person. Whether or not one can use a booth depends on their location. To use a booth, you must at least have your passport with you and receipts for anything you bought in Canada.

What can one legally bring across the border?

If one plans to buy anything in Canada and bring it back to the United States, one should know the rules before their trip. There may be trade taxes involved, and one should know what to expect in advance.

While marijuana is now legal everywhere in Canada, it is still against the law to attempt to bring cannabis across the border. Not only is it illegal to smuggle marijuana out of Canada, but trying to bring it into the country is against the law as well.

While purchasing alcohol and tobacco in Canada and bringing it back to the United States is legal, there are limitations on how much you can bring across the border. Make sure that you look up the exact amounts in advance.

Especially for wine and liquor, the maximum legal amount you can bring across the checkpoint is small.


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