Whether you wish to go for a long trip, find work, or simply check out Canada for a long period of time most US citizens wonder how long they can stay in Canada for. Well, there is a short answer, a long answer and we will go into detail with both so keep on reading for some useful tips on how you can stay for and ways you can prolong the stay period.

To give the short and concise answer a US citizen can stay in Canada for 6 months, however, like anything in life this is not the same for everyone as the period of stay is on an individual case basis. Since Canada is a very friendly country and greatly values their peace you can be sure that a criminal record will reduce the allowed period of stay and even cause an individual to be restricted access from Canada.

Keep in mind that even petty crimes such as DUI affect the period of stay, and we aren’t even talking about worse crimes that greatly violate human rights.

The good news is that for us law-abiding US citizens it is very much possible to apply for an extension on those 6 months to stay in Canada, to top it off you don’t even need to go to an airport and wait in lengthy lines to file for an extension. Instead, you can simply go online and apply via the Government of Canada website.

Thankfully like most countries in the world, the period of allowable stay is not affected by the method a US citizen enters Canada however the identification documents do vary. If you simply cruise or drive to Canada you must have valid identification and be able to prove that you are a United States citizen.

If you are flying you will need a passport Even a baby will need a passport to be allowed to fly to Canada

Passports are also acceptable as identification documents so it should help in lowering the number of documents to carry around and watch out for.

If an under 16 teen is traveling to Canada he should carry a birth certificate (Or a notarized copy will do just as well in case you don’t want to lose the original) and a passport just in case they could be asked for either. If the under 16 is traveling alone it will be necessary for them to have a letter signed by parents or guardians.

As mentioned earlier the period of stay is entirely dependent on individual cases but as a rule of thumb consider it 6 months from the moment that you land in Canada. If you apply for an extension don’t count one hundred percent on the application being approved as there are many factors taken into account for approval.

Although a useful feature by the Canadian immigration department is providing a section on their website where you can answer a set of questions and see if you are likely to gain an extension.

Generally, 2 key determining factors for granted stay extension is whether you have any Canadian relatives and the purpose of your stay.

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