Canada is one of the most mesmerizing countries to visit in the whole world.

Located in North America, it is the home to over 37 million people, Canada has so much to offer to the tourists and future immigrants. The CN Tower, Stanley Park, Banff National Park of Canada, Butchart Gardens, and Capilano Bridge are just some of the attractions that you can witness while visiting The Great White North. Whether it’s the good economy, plenty of opportunities to work and study, improved healthcare and breath-taking nature, Canada has it all and that’s the reason it’s visited by millions of people from all parts of the world.

It’s no surprise also that the Canadian metropolitans such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary are some of the best cities to live in as they can offer a lot. The main focus of this article is about Canada and how to visit the country legally.

Before visiting the country it’s good to check out what documents you might need before you book your ticket and find a place to stay. Some of the countries have certain agreements with The Great White North and all you need is a passport to travel to Canada. There are over 50 countries that can enter without Visa as they are Visa exempt.

These travelers only need the so-called ETA which is Electronic Travel Authorization that should be obtained only when arriving by air. The Visa exempt countries include all of the countries from the European Union, as well as Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and many others.

The citizens of the United States are also exempt from getting a Visa as they can easily enter with their own U.S. passport as long as it’s valid. Moreover, they don’t need ETA as they can easily cross the border with a car or bus.

All of the citizens from the Visa exempt countries are allowed to stay up to 6 months, however, that changes if any one of the citizens decides to stay permanently for work, study, or health purposes and Visa will most likely be required for that matter.

Who needs a passport to travel to Canada?

Every citizen who is Visa-exempt free should carry a document such as a valid passport to travel to Canada in order for them to be identified. Regardless if you are a Canadian who is coming home or a tourist from Europe, a passport must be shown to the authorities. Foreign citizens should bring their passports so that they can be allowed to enter and stay in the country. Passport is mandatory to citizens from both countries that are Visa exempt or Visa required (such as Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and many others).

Whether it’s to move there permanently or go there temporarily to visit the long list of Canadian attractions, it’s certainly not that hard anymore as the country values people who enjoy what it has to offer. If you love traveling and exploring, then Canada should definitely be included in your bucket list, especially if you are from one of the Visa-exempt countries.

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